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Contemporary Native American Art in the Maloof Exhibit in Rancho Cucamonga

“Bird Effigy” (Pictured Above) by Diego Romero is just one example of the pieces that are to be displayed at the Maloof Foundation exhibit. As the exhibit celebrates the centennial year of the incredible life of the late Sam Maloof, this exhibit provides people with a profound glimpse into the artist’s local roots and his work. […]

Southwest Jewelry: Traditional vs Modern

You may ask what the difference is between traditional Southwest jewelry and what the contemporary artists are creating today. In the past, I’ve discussed the meaning of Southwest jewelry and the particular style that people refer to when they use the term. The Southwest has typically stayed true to its roots, keeping traditional Native American […]

Native American Birth Totems

Something really cool that I came across today are these traditional birth totems. Native Americans held a similar belief to that of Western astrological signs but instead of the stars, your time of birth signified a certain animal spirit. These birth totems were also more in-depth than astrology as well, taking into account the hemisphere […]

Let’s Talk Time Pieces

A timeless portrayal of human ingenuity, wrist watches are often the treasured gift of any friend, family, or relationship. They symbolize commitment and they’re an accessory that will never go out of style. Now let’s talk about the styles available right now. The watches by Marc Jacobs and Swiss leave too much to the imagination, […]

Vintage Native American Jewelry

What makes Native America Jewelry vintage? Does it need to be made thousands of years ago, hundreds? Does it need to be blessed by shamans of the tribe or hold some kind of spiritual energy? No, of course not, what makes a Native American piece vintage is more about the authenticity and the style. The […]

Turquoise Meaning

Turquoise is one of the oldest stones associated with jewelry. Across multiple cultures and beliefs, the stone with the beautiful blue hue has captivated people over millennia. Because of its cultural history and significance, the stone actually has many meanings. Despite the stone being used in jewelry across multiple cultures, there are some meanings that […]

The Sante Fe Style You Need for 2017

With a past all its own and a culture that springs from the loftiest intentions to the influence of Native American art and culture, the Santa Fe area is steeped in rich history and culture. This unique eclectic city has developed into a hotspot for fashion designers finding inspiration in the flair of the Southwest. […]

The Kwakiutl Midwinter Ceremony

Long before the dawn of man, the Kwakiutl tribes inhabited the coastal region and believed the world was ruled by supernatural beings that took the shape of different animals. These bears, wolves, seals, ravens, bees, owls, and whales were the embodiment of nature and possessed supreme supernatural prowess. The Kwakiutl tribe believes these beings endowed […]

4 Things to Know about Turquoise Jewelry

If you’ve read my previous posts about turquoise then you know how to tell real from fake, what makes turquoise jewelry unique, and why you should consider investing in the near future. Is there anything else you need to know about the beautiful blue stone with the come-hither sheen? Well, yes. There are a few lesser-known […]

Native American Squash Blossom Necklaces

You may have seen these beautifully ornate and intricately designed necklaces somewhere before but they have a much richer history than you might have suspected. The origin of squash blossom necklaces actually came from Spain and many other cultures to boot. From the Paleolithic period to Phoenician culture, the crescent shape that you see today […]

The Maze: a Native American Symbol of Life and a Personal Journey

With the rise in popularity of HBO’s hit show “West World,” there has also been a surge in popularity for Southwest culture and fashion. People love to imagine the cowboy chic styles and weave that fashion into their own wardrobes. One concept that keeps coming up in the show is “The Maze,” a symbol which […]

Native American Jewelry: A look into the Past

In the 1800s there weren’t too many female doctors. The rigors and stress of college were believed to be too much for women to handle, and look how wrong they turned out to be. Still, it makes you wonder how Susan La Flesche, a Native American woman, fought the odds and became the first Native […]

Is Native American Jewelry Back in Style?

With an influx of fake Native American jewelry, the market has surprisingly become more interested in attaining the real thing. Maybe’s it’s the mindset that, “if it’s good enough for people to fake it, it must be valuable.” On some level, I would agree. Native American jewelry is a booming industry in the Southwest and […]

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