Turquoise Jewelry Posts

Turquoise Meaning

Turquoise is one of the oldest stones associated with jewelry. Across multiple cultures and beliefs, the stone with the beautiful blue hue has captivated people over millennia. Because of its cultural history and significance, the stone actually has many meanings. Despite the stone being used in jewelry across multiple cultures, there are some meanings that […]

4 Things to Know about Turquoise Jewelry

If you’ve read my previous posts about turquoise then you know how to tell real from fake, what makes turquoise jewelry unique, and why you should consider investing in the near future. Is there anything else you need to know about the beautiful blue stone with the come-hither sheen? Well, yes. There are a few lesser-known […]

Mixing Heishi Beads into Your Wardrobe

For quite some time the Heishi bead style has dominated the American Southwest fashion industry. What makes this style so unique is the shape and material used to create this classic design. If you’re unfamiliar, Heishi beads are typically elongated cylindrical beads made from seashells or coral. This has been a facet of Native American […]

Turquoise Style Guide

Turquoise jewelry has a rich history over cultures around the world. Even Cleopatra wore beautiful turquoise and lapis lazuli pieces with gold settings to proudly display her elegance and allure. So how exactly does one go about adding turquoise jewelry into their wardrobe and pulling off the stone with matching outfits? Now the fashion gods […]

Turquoise Jewelry: The New Diamond

For quite some time, turquoise has been put down in the fashion industry as a “lesser-stone” and hasn’t made much progress in recent years. However, 2016 has seen the rebirth of this stone. From fashion designers to jeweler artisans, turquoise is becoming the “it-stone” of this year and will most likely continue onto the next […]

Turquoise: the Natural Jewelry Design

The New Year seems to be embracing the natural design look. Every piece of high-end fashion I come across has a touch of the wild. Everything from earthy tones in clothing to intricate leather and silverwork designed to look like a leaf or interwoven pattern seems to be springing forth this year. This style takes […]

Turquoise Jewelry: The Trend for 2016

For a while now, I have been promoting turquoise jewelry on my blog because it’s both a classic style and commonly associated with Native American artisans. I think turquoise has a natural beauty and presence to it that goes beyond the glossy sheen or brilliance of the stone. To me, turquoise is almost spiritual and […]

Jewelry You Must Wear for the Holiday Season

Winter is here again. The snow is hitting the ground and people are starting to decorate the tree, well maybe not in Arizona but you get the point. There is one thing comes to mind when thinking about the holidays, jewelry. Think about it. This is the time you do the most traveling and see […]

Top 3 Most Unique Types of Turquoise

I have been getting a few different questions from my readers about certain types of turquoise that don’t fall under the “traditional” category for the stone. These stones are very beautiful but people continue to wonder if they are “real” turquoise. Below I’m going to list the 3 most unique types of turquoise and explain […]

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