Native American Turquoise Jewelry is a blog dedicated to Western-style jewelry lovers, particularly Native American, Southwest, and turquoise jewelry. I take you through my journey of collecting the finest pieces the west has to offer. I’ll also be providing you with helpful tips and tricks on how to spot quality jewelry and even recommend you to some of the best stores I’ve found along the way. My mission is to help introduce my readers to the beauty and quiet dignity of Western and Native American style jewelry.

Since you’ve found my blog, I’m going to assume you’re interested in jewelry. Jewelry has been a facet of society for thousands of years and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. From every culture across the world, no matter how different, there has always been people making and wearing jewelry.

Joy Cook (your lovely host) started out as a lowly geology student here in Arizona. From there I developed a passion for both jewelry and writing. I was inspired by the natural stones/metals that most Native American and Southwest jewelry uses to create beautiful works of art. Unlike most of the jewelry you’ll find at retail stores, the pieces I present you on my blog are crafted by artists that have been mastering silver and stonework for years and even have their techniques passed through generations of their ancestry. The magnitude and stunning brilliance of their work shine through in each one of my posts. I hope these pieces inspire you with their natural beauty as they have me.

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