Investing in Turquoise Jewelry

My husband and I decided to clean all our turquoise jewelry by polishing the silver its set into. One thought popped in my mind when we brought it all out: we have A LOT of turquoise pieces. We didn’t even realize how much we had until we did this little inventory. This got my husband to thinking that turquoise jewelry is actually a good investment. After doing quite a bit of research we decided that it is for a variety of different reasons.

Investing in Turquoise Jewelry: Reasons

  1. Since 1970, the value of turquoise has steadily risen from $1 to $100 per carat. Of course, this depends on the type of stone but I think you get the rough idea.
  2. Turquoise mines have been rapidly depleting over the last decade. Everyone knows that as a natural element becomes scarcer the value also increases. You should expect the value of turquoise to rise in the future as a result.
  3. Turquoise jewelry is usually set into sterling silver. Even if you’re skeptical about investing in turquoise, you can’t deny silver is one of the most valuable metals in the world. Not only has silver been a precious metal for centuries but it can also be used as computer components for its natural ability to conduct electricity, making it even more valuable in recent years.
  4. The above facts don’t even take into account the value of artistic pieces found in most of my blogs. Buying turquoise jewelry from certain artists and Native American tribes can make the piece that much more valuable.

I encourage you to do some research first to get familiarized with the various types of turquoise and why people believe it’s a sound investment. Besides its value, it really is a beautiful stone for jewelry and can bring out the best in your ensemble (which is why I initially purchased all my pieces).

I never expected my collection to become so valuable in such a short amount of time, though.

Investing in Turquoise Jewelry

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