Native American Birth Totems

Something really cool that I came across today are these traditional birth totems. Native Americans held a similar belief to that of Western astrological signs but instead of the stars, your time of birth signified a certain animal spirit. These birth totems were also more in-depth than astrology as well, taking into account the...

Let’s Talk Time Pieces

A timeless portrayal of human ingenuity, wrist watches are often the treasured gift of any friend, family, or relationship. They symbolize commitment and they’re an accessory that will never go out of style. Now let’s talk about the styles available right now. The watches by Marc Jacobs and Swiss leave too much to the...

Vintage Native American Jewelry

What makes Native America Jewelry vintage? Does it need to be made thousands of years ago, hundreds? Does it need to be blessed by shamans of the tribe or hold some kind of spiritual energy? No, of course not, what makes a Native American piece vintage is more about the authenticity and the style....

Native American Squash Blossom Necklaces

You may have seen these beautifully ornate and intricately designed necklaces somewhere before but they have a much richer history than you might have suspected. The origin of squash blossom necklaces actually came from Spain and many other cultures to boot. From the Paleolithic period to Phoenician culture, the crescent shape that you see...

The Maze: a Native American Symbol of Life and a Personal Journey

With the rise in popularity of HBO’s hit show “West World,” there has also been a surge in popularity for Southwest culture and fashion. People love to imagine the cowboy chic styles and weave that fashion into their own wardrobes. One concept that keeps coming up in the show is “The Maze,” a symbol...

Is Native American Jewelry Back in Style?

With an influx of fake Native American jewelry, the market has surprisingly become more interested in attaining the real thing. Maybe’s it’s the mindset that, “if it’s good enough for people to fake it, it must be valuable.” On some level, I would agree. Native American jewelry is a booming industry in the Southwest...

How to Buy Native American Jewelry

People often see stores making the claim of “Authentic Native Jewelry” when you see it on signs and ads. Not just jewelry either, but an array of patterns, dolls, art, and concepts that would bewilder the imagination to think that such a small community could be producing this much material every day of the...

The History of Native American Jewelry

If you’re a fan of my blog and like Native American jewelry, you’ve probably noticed some drastic differences in style, material, and technique that go into many of the pieces that you see. Each tribe has their own philosophy on how they should approach art and, to a further extent, jewelry. The techniques used...

How to Choose Native American Jewelry

In my experience, all jewelry should adhere to three very specific elements: materials used, artistic technique, and quality. There are pieces that have one or two, but so few have all the elements that make for a truly great piece, this is especially true of Native American Jewelry. In my mind, I like to...

The Tradition of Basket Weaving and Pottery

Pottery and basket weaving aren’t the first things that come to mind when people think of art. What spring forth are usually Renaissance sculptures, Matisse paintings, and independent films. However, these two art forms are much older and more in-depth thank you might think. Art, for the most part, is a way to express...

Embody the Spirit of the Warrior

One of my favorite aspects of Native American culture is the concept of the warrior and the attributes that make them great, wisdom as well as strength. People have asked me about Native American symbolism and what my favorite symbols/patterns are. That got me thinking about Native warriors and their beliefs. It’s a bit...

Feather Jewelry to Honor Past Sacrifices of the Choctaw Tribe

Recently one of my favorite jewelry sites put out a press release for their latest collection of feather jewelry. The amazing part about this collection is the story that inspired it. While the Irish were suffering from the Potato Famine, the Choctaw tribe donated a sum of money to the Irish to help them...

Gathering of Nations Powwow Part II

After getting to experience the amazing Gathering of Nations festival last year, I decided to go again for the 2016 festival as well. If you didn’t get a chance to read my last article on the matter, The Gathering of Nations is the largest Native American Powwow in the United States and features hundreds...

A New Guardian for My Home

Okay, so I have to mention a new piece I bought for my home. I had been looking for something to go in our family room for quite some time. If you’re familiar with my blog you probably know that I have more of a Native American preference for both my jewelry and home...

Difference Between Navajo and Zuni Style Jewelry

Two of the most iconic tribes for jewelry crafting are the Navajo and Zuni. Artists of these communities exemplify the history and culture of their ancestors and their work is typically a mix of high quality and fine detail. Being able to identify who made your jewelry is a very helpful skill when you’re...

Supporting a Good cause for the Holidays

Supporting artists by purchasing Native American jewelry is usually my go-to method of showing my appreciation for Native culture. Coming up on the holiday season, I thought it would be a good idea to show some of the giving spirit this year. I wanted to donate to a good cause and while I was...

Obama’s New Native American Proclamation

This is a great day in history! President Obama has recently made a proclamation that beginning November 2015, November will be National Native American Heritage Month. As a way to commemorate the impact and contributions the Native American culture has had on our society, November will forever honor this fact as we move forward...

Blessing of the Buffalo Event

While I was on vacation, visiting my sister in Georgetown, she told me about this festival hosted by a local farmer. The owner’s name is Greg Vital and he hosts this event every year to celebrate the Thanksgiving season and honor his Native American heritage. He displays his small herd of buffalo to the...

What I Experienced at the Gathering of Nations Festival

I recently had the honor of attending the Gathering of Nations festival. To those of you that aren’t familiar with the event, it’s a giant 3 day Powwow that celebrates Native American culture in Albuquerque. This event has been held for the past 32 years and continues to grow in numbers each year. I’d...