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Southwest Jewelry: Traditional vs Modern

You may ask what the difference is between traditional Southwest jewelry and what the contemporary artists are creating today. In the past, I’ve discussed the meaning of Southwest jewelry and the particular style that people refer to when they use the term. The Southwest has typically stayed true to its roots, keeping traditional Native American …


The Sante Fe Style You Need for 2017

With a past all its own and a culture that springs from the loftiest intentions to the influence of Native American art and culture, the Santa Fe area is steeped in rich history and culture. This unique eclectic city has developed into a hotspot for fashion designers finding inspiration in the flair of the Southwest. …


Men’s Southwest Fashion

I know, I know, you think Southwest styles for men isn’t as developed in modern fashion as it has become for women and you’d be right. However, there are some select modern Southwest fashion styles for men that have an elegant and refined look that works for most people. Throw away your perceptions of blue …


Cowgirl Chic

The style that combines a little free-spirited bohemian and the good-old-fashioned simplicity of the Wild West, cowgirl chic is one of the most popular styles among younger women today. Now, it’s important to note there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way, a really wrong way. When you think of cowgirl chic, ...

Men’s Turquoise Jewelry

One of the things that I love about turquoise jewelry is that it has a lot of flexibility as a style. There are many styles for women today, but turquoise jewelry was primarily worn by men and is still considered a very powerful approach to wearing jewelry, especially in the Southwest. You would be surprised …


Southwestern Festival Fashions

During the summertime, the Midwest seems to spring to life with all the festivals that takes place, from art to music people from around the country gather to see the festivities. If you’re not from around these parts, you may be interested to know what fashion works for the Southwest and how you can shine …


Southwest Style Guide

The American Southwest has enamored people for well over a century. The idea of cowboys and roaming the open countryside is a spirit that people still try to embody today. One of the few remaining designs of this era is the fashion of the Southwest. Right down to its core, the entire region is a …


Sapulpa High School’s Banning of Native American Moccasins

The recent uproar in Oklahoma at Sapulpa High School’s initial banning of traditional moccasins at graduations, despite their Native American mascot and general background, was washed away when a Native American student, Liseanne Yazzie, demanded that the school allow her to honor her culture and heritage. I don’t know about you, but it’s pretty hypocritical …


Fashions for Easter and Spring

Spring is almost upon us and translates to a new season for jewelry. For Easter, my entire family likes to get together for a barbecue at this beautiful park in the neighborhood where we grew up. As I stood there, devouring potato salad, I watched all the kids in our family look for eggs out …


History of the Bolo Tie

History has seen dips in the rise and fall in popularity of the bolo tie in its day. I remember my grandfather wearing them and even people from my generation after that. Even various rock stars have sported them over the years. So where did they start? Well, it’s not quite certain when bolo ties …


How to Shop for Quality Southwest Jewelry

If you live in the Southwest region of the country or you’re simply inspired by its natural presence and strong beauty then you might be looking to buy some Southwest jewelry to enhance your wardrobe. I consider myself a bit of an expert on the subject because I’ve been collecting Southwest jewelry for years now. …


What is Southwest Jewelry

I’ve seen the term Southwest Jewelry get thrown around online a lot and used interchangeably with Native American Jewelry. This can be kind of confusing for people looking to buy Southwest jewelry or maintain your home with Southwestern décor. I have come to understand that that the term actually covers everything cultivated from the Southwest …


A Surprise for the Birthday Boy

I’d been racking my brain for weeks trying to come up with the right gift for my husband’s birthday. I have mentioned a few times before on my blog how our tastes sometimes clash. I love Native American style and he loves the Southwest jewelry more. Well, I actually love them both but I prefer …


My Birthday Surprise 2015

So a few months ago I posted a blog about the gift I bought my husband for his birthday. I got him a turquoise and red coral belt buckle set in sterling silver. I knew he would have to up his game after my gift but I never expected him to get something so intricately …