Men’s Southwest Fashion

Men’s Southwest Fashion

I know, I know, you think Southwest styles for men isn’t as developed in modern fashion as it has become for women and you’d be right. However, there are some select modern Southwest fashion styles for men that have an elegant and refined look that works for most people. Throw away your perceptions of blue jeans and a 10-gallon hat and think a little more Vogue.

How to Wear Men’s Southwestern Fashion

Men’s Southwest FashionWhen you think about the noble cowboy riding from one town to the next, 6-shooter in hand, you think of that general outfit that I described above, the hat, the bolo, a button-down shirt, and some worn blue jeans that have seen a few sunrises and sunsets in their day.

This might be a nice thought but you really need to embrace what the style and fashion has evolved into in recent years.

Generally, men need only stick to the earthy tones that cowboys wore, from there; they can go in a million different directions.Men’s Southwest Fashion

One of the most popular looks is the patterned shawl or cardigan with a plain earthen shirt. Boots are also a must, with whatever you choose. Just make sure they’re not cowboy boots. Nice leather boots or leather dress shoes will do the trick.

You might think I’m contradicting myself with this one, but you do need the jeans. Luckily, they come in many different styles and cuts. You should choose either black or dark blue for your outfits to contrast with your lighter Earth-tones in a way that looks cohesive.

Men’s Southwest FashionIf you’re a hat person, then you should consider the modern Southwest style hats, the ones with the longer brim and a domed top. Just make sure you don’t go with that old-school cowboy hat.

Finally, men’s accessories are typically going to be Southwestern turquoise rings, bracelets, money clips, and some subtle bolo ties to connect those modern elements with the past that inspired them.

Remember, you’re combining two different styles, that of the old west and modern day fashion. You need to embrace the best of both to achieve a good result. I’ve provided a few examples above to show you what I’m talking about.

Men’s Southwest Fashion

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