My Birthday Surprise 2015

So a few months ago I posted a blog about the gift I bought my husband for his birthday. I got him a turquoise and red coral belt buckle set in sterling silver. I knew he would have to up his game after my gift but I never expected him to get something so intricately beautiful. Now, for the record I don’t think he has particularly good taste when it comes to Southwest jewelry, that’s why I was completely blown away by what he bought.

My Birthday Gift

He got me a beautiful Sterling Silver Southwest Cuff watch. I was amazed by the intricate detail of the silverwork. I have seen my fair share of Southwest jewelry made of silver but this was simply above and beyond anything I thought he would buy me.

The Southwest jewelry watch is a band-style silver cuff. The overlay of the silverwork forms an eagle’s head on both sides of the cuff with turquoise stones set next to the eagle heads. My favorite elements of the watch are these beautiful silver wings that protrude out and wrap around the watch face without obscuring the sight.

I think Jake did an amazing job picking this out. I was almost positive someone helped him because it is completely out of his style and comfort zone, since we have completely different tastes when it comes to Southwest jewelry, but I was thrilled to receive it.

Birthday Sneakiness

I figured that my husband probably found the watch on one of the sites I talk about in my blog. The only one that I could think of was Sure enough, I managed to find a few watches that are a similar style. I was still shocked that he managed to find something that I like more than anything else I saw on the site.

I don’t usually shop for Southwest jewelry watches but I loved this piece. It’s exactly what I needed to start keeping an eye out for more watches. The one problem I run into with most Southwest jewelry is that I don’t always have a reason to use it but watches are always functional and now I can use it as a great accent piece for my outfits too.

My Birthday Surprise 2015

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