Southwest Style Guide

The American Southwest has enamored people for well over a century. The idea of cowboys and roaming the open countryside is a spirit that people still try to embody today. One of the few remaining designs of this era is the fashion of the Southwest. Right down to its core, the entire region is a culmination of the Wild West and Native American culture, this unique combination is what gives the Southwest its earnest appeal.

For those new to the Southwest style, it can be one that’s hard to pin down. It utilizes a lot of patterns and natural tones, but it doesn’t have a definite cut or color that makes it a trend. This style has become a living organism that evolves with the latest trends and fashions that are currently taking place in the fashion industry of the region. However, it never loses that old spirit that embodies freedom and the natural world around us.

Southwest Style Guide: Tips for Beginners

While there are many different styles, there are a few general elements that remain the same within Southwest fashion.

southwest styleWestern Boots One of the most iconic styles of the Southwest is the use of leather boots. Don’t worry, you don’t have to wear spurs, but nice leather boots are multi-faceted pieces of fashion-wear that you can use for almost any occasion and go well with the most popular style of pants in the world, jeans.



southwest styleSante Fe Style Gear You’ve probably seen the ponchos/blanket coats with the Native American patterns for the Southwest style before. Now, they’ve taken on a new look in the modern fashion industry, looking more slim and sleek, perfect for turquoise and multi-stone jewelry as well. You can find the woven fabric in many cuts, styles, and colors to match your accessories as well, but rustic red always complements the Southwest style best.



southwest styleCowgirl ChicThis is a new play on an old classic and one that looks really good when done well. This look usually entails blue jeans, leather boots, and a simple top with slight accoutrements to the Southwest, like fringe or tassels draped down the side. The best colors for the Southwest style, since it’s been modernized by popular designers like Valentino, are usually plain or basic colors like tan, gray, or even just white.


southwest styleDon’t Overdo It You can wear the Southwest style or you can overdue it. You’ve probably seen the latter, people that cover themselves head-to-toe in bolo ties, cowboy hats, ornate belt buckles, etc. To wear the modern Southwest look, you really need to go basic and be sparing with your styles to achieve the look top designers are going for. One to two pieces should do the trick.


Embracing the Southwest style, the right way, is all about subtly combining the flair of the old west with the most modern styles and designs. There are many ways to pull off the new cowboy or cowgirl style, and if you look around a bit for great accent pieces, you’re sure to find a slice of that sense of free-spirited adventure that you’ve been looking for here, at one of my favorite Southwest jewelry stores.

Southwest Style Guide

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