The Tradition of Basket Weaving and Pottery

Pottery and basket weaving aren’t the first things that come to mind when people think of art. What spring forth are usually Renaissance sculptures, Matisse paintings, and independent films. potteryHowever, these two art forms are much older and more in-depth thank you might think. Art, for the most part, is a way to express individuality and emotion in a piece.

However, for Native Americans, these art forms help to keep their culture alive. Long before they had the means to transcribe their history and culture into a written language, they used symbolism, patterns, and images to convey their history through the use of pottery and woven fabrics. I think this gives the art a much more meaningful tone.

The skill that goes into both art forms is extremely intensive as well. To get the pattern you need for basket weaving, while maintaining a continuously flowing pattern is no small feat. Likewise, it’s hard to tell what your glaze might look like after you throw it in the kiln, but somehow these talented artists create beautiful art on their work, either through paint on pottery or patterns/image in basket weaving.Native American Pottery

What fascinates me most is how often I see these pieces in a person’s home. We all have pottery in our homes, but they are usually mass-produced and not very impressive.
That’s why I thought I’d take the opportunity to present a new piece I just purchased from one of my favorite Native American jewelry stores for pottery.

The intricate detail of the piece is simply stunning. I can just see the hard work and dedication that went into making this. I wanted a Display piece for my kitchen counter and the blues and browns match my backsplash and walls perfectly.

If you have cats, I also suggest weighing your pottery down with something on the inside. You can trust me on that from personal experience.

I would highly recommend replacing your mass-produced pottery and exchanging them for pieces like these. Not only can you make them functional, but it really brightens up a room in a snap. To me, it also adds a touch of elegance to the atmosphere of your home as well. There are many styles and designs to match your wallpaper or furniture to as well, check it out here!

As always, thanks for reading, I look forward to hearing from you!

The Tradition of Basket Weaving and Pottery

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