Embody the Spirit of the Warrior

One of my favorite aspects of Native American culture is the concept of the warrior and the attributes that make them great, wisdom as well as strength. People have asked me about Native American symbolism and what my favorite symbols/patterns are. That got me thinking about Native warriors and their beliefs.

It’s a bit of a random idea but I think that’s what intrigues most people about their culture, the idea of the strong and noble warrior from legends and stories. For that reason alone I decided to make a new collection of jewelry that helps people choose Native pieces that reflect the values and culture of Native American warriors.Native AMerican Jewelry

If you’ve been reading my blog, you probably know how important symbolism is in Native culture and how many believe that wearing pieces with these symbols will often imbue them with favorable traits. That is one aspect of the culture that I love and I am almost always wearing one of these symbols in my outfits. If you consider yourself a modern-day warrior, I suggest reading the list of symbols and jewelry I have compiled below to accessorize like one!

Perfect Symbols for the Warrior

Lightning- This is a symbol of both power and speed, perfect attributes for warriors on the battlefield. With god-like precision, strong warriors will charge at their foes with the force of a powerful hurricane behind them. Jewelry pieces with the lightening symbol are perfect for modern warriors too.

The Horse- It’s no wonder why the horse is synonymous with strength, nobility, and freedom in Native American culture. As their main means of transportation, these loyal creatures are the perfect companion for any warrior. People who wear horse symbol jewelry will be imbued with these attributes as well.

Arrowhead- This symbol has many different meanings among tribes, both literal and metaphorical. However, they consistently translate to alertness, direction, and protection. A symbol of the bow and arrow, pieces that incorporate the arrow can bestow the wearer with the same accuracy, strength, and protection of the Native American warrior.

Learning the symbolism is a great start to understanding the culture. To learn more about Native American culture and to find more art and jewelry, you can go to one of my most trusted sites.

Embody the Spirit of the Warrior

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