Turquoise Jewelry: The New Diamond

turquoise jewelryFor quite some time, turquoise has been put down in the fashion industry as a “lesser-stone” and hasn’t made much progress in recent years. However, 2016 has seen the rebirth of this stone. From fashion designers to jeweler artisans, turquoise is becoming the “it-stone” of this year and will most likely continue onto the next year as well.

You don’t have to just take my word for it though, even the titans of the fashion industry, like Vogue, has embraced the beautiful blue hue of this year’s most valuable stone. But what makes turquoise a contender with the most popular stones that are already lining the shelves of jewelry stores, like diamonds? Well, for the most part, diamonds have lost a lot of their appeal by the sheer fact of how expensive they are.

Currently, half a carrot can cost over a thousand dollars and if you combine that with all the new ways diamonds can be manufactured cheaply, they aren’t that impressive. The art in these pieces merely seem to be in the cutting of these stones and the design of the setting itself.

People are thirsty for something new and affordable and with this need there needs to be a stone to slack that thirst. Turquoise jewelry has been made for centuries and has its own history and culture within the Southwest region and Native American culture.

Not only does turquoise jewelry pack more of a punch when it comes to vibrant colors, but it also has a spiritual and supernatural mythology as well. Turquoise jewelry has been long believed to possess healing and protective properties and is considered holy in some cultures. You can even hear different legends and myths across countries and cultures from around the world about turquoise jewelry and its beauty.

In my opinion, turquoise jewelry just has a lot more going for it than diamonds. While some pieces of turquoise that are set into sterling silver might be considered expensive, it comes nowhere near the price of diamond jewelry. People want to accessorize, but not at the cost of their limbs. Turquoise is the best alternative because of its stunning colors, beautiful history, and affordable prices.

If you’re looking for some great turquoise pieces, I recommend TurquoiseJewelry.com as a great source for authentic artisan pieces.

Turquoise Jewelry: The New Diamond

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