Turquoise: the Natural Jewelry Design

The New Year seems to be embracing the natural design look. Every piece of high-end fashion I come across has a touch of the wild. Everything from earthy tones in clothing to intricate leather and silverwork designed to look like a leaf or interwoven pattern seems to be springing forth this year.

This style takes us back to the natural world, something innate in all people. I think this is what really appeals to us on a basic level. As the great writer Henry David Thoreau once said, “We need the tonic of wildness . . .” and I completely agree. I find these designs to be both functional and fashionable as they take us back to the beauty and simplicity of nature.

How Turquoise Jewelry Fits In with Nature

For this reason, turquoise jewelry is making a splash in the community again with its beautiful colorations that are derived from naturally forming minerals. For centuries, Native American Tribes have believed that, due to its blue coloration, turquoise was created by Native Americans when they danced and celebrated the return of the rain after a great period of drought.turquoise jewelry

I can definitely see why, given its varying blue colors that are as beautiful and tempestuous as the ocean itself.

From this point, there are many cultures that believe the stone to have natural healing powers, because of its association with the life-giving substance (water). Naturally, this stone is heavily embraced by the naturalist and minimalist community of fashionistas.

Turquoise jewelry is the perfect stand-alone piece to go with a simpler and more natural design of clothing. The various shades of blue will contrast with the natural tones in a cohesive way to make your jewelry truly pop at any event, which is why I always sport a turquoise piece when I go out.

To me, there are very few fashions that embody the spirit of nature. Turquoise jewelry just has that rich historical and cultural background, combined with a beautiful gloss, to make jewelry pieces shine with the spark of life.

I advise all my readers to look out this summer for these turquoise jewelry designs and styles because we all need to embrace the wild side of nature once in a while.

Turquoise: the Natural Jewelry Design

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