Turquoise Jewelry Gift Guide


You might be thinking about buying someone turquoise. It’s a common practice for people that have January birthdays or maybe they just love the color, it’s unique and vibrant. If that’s the case, you might be wondering, how do I go about it? Well, you might like to learn that turquoise comes in many different shades, so you need to find a way to narrow down more of what they are looking for, would be my first piece of advice. Once you have the shade down, it’s just a simple matter of choosing a few other elements of the piece to really bring it home!

Turquoise Jewelry Gift Guide

What to Look for in a Turquoise Jewelry Gift

    • Coloration- Like I stated, turquoise comes in a wide range of colors, from the deepest blue to the brightest green, not just the Tiffany’s color that you’re familiar with. That’s why it’s important to first find out what your gift recipient wants.
    • Setting- What type of jewelry are you going for? Do they want a ring, necklace, bracelet, these are the decisions you should make before any other because they determine both availability and cost. This will really help you narrow down your choices.
    • Style- There are two powerhouses when it comes to turquoise jewelry, Native American and Southwest artists. Both have their own unique style that would really benefit you to learn. I have made guides for both if you haven’t already check it out. I would highly recommend choosing pieces from either type of artist instead of those from other parts of the country or world. Southwestern and Native artist have worked for decades and decades to refine their art and they primarily work with turquoise specifically.
    • Cut and Shape- You will also want to look into how the piece itself was made. There are many artists that will use inlay or overlay techniques with the silver they set the turquoise stone into, producing different results. Likewise, those artists also like to cut their stones into different stones. For example, the Navajo will choose to cut large turquoise stones that dominate the entire piece, as where Southwestern artists will balance their piece a bit more with the silver setting as well.

There are many roads to take when reading the Turquoise Jewelry Gift Guide, but as long as you have a good understanding of what your loved one likes, which I hope you do lol, you are sure to find something that fits their personality perfectly.

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