Turquoise Jewelry: The Trend for 2016

turquoise jewelryFor a while now, I have been promoting turquoise jewelry on my blog because it’s both a classic style and commonly associated with Native American artisans. I think turquoise has a natural beauty and presence to it that goes beyond the glossy sheen or brilliance of the stone. To me, turquoise is almost spiritual and the Native American artisans that put their life-blood into each piece probably feel the same way.

Why Turquoise Jewelry is the Trend of 2016

If you keep up with various fashion bloggers and magazines, you’ve probably seen that turquoise is the new fashion trend of 2016.

From small bloggers to CompleteFashion.org, everyone seems to agree turquoise jewelry is the new trend. It’s hard to disagree with all the celebrities that seem to be sporting the style but what does this mean for you?

It’s time to gear up with some turquoise jewelry and I have some ideas to help you out. If you’re looking for quality turquoise, you should read my blog article about the different types of turquoise.

One of the best places I can recommend is TurquoiseJewelry.com; it’s even in the name. I can tell you from multiple purchases that I have personally vetted this store and have only been happy with what I received in the mail.

They have everything from necklaces to rings and they carry only the finest quality of turquoise I have found online so far. I am very selective when it comes to recommending stores on my blog and this is one of the few places I frequently rant about whenever the subject of turquoise jewelry comes up.

If you want to be well prepared for 2016, I suggest starting with some necklaces or bracelets because it only takes one of these pieces to leave that lasting impression you want. If you’re new to turquoise you can also try something smaller, like a ring, to see if it will go well with the majority of your outfits first.

Any way you spin it, the people have spoken and this year is the year of turquoise.

Turquoise Jewelry: The Trend for 2016

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