A New Guardian for My Home

A New Guardian for My Home

A New Guardian for My HomeOkay, so I have to mention a new piece I bought for my home. I had been looking for something to go in our family room for quite some time. If you’re familiar with my blog you probably know that I have more of a Native American preference for both my jewelry and home décor but my husband prefers the classic Southwestern style.

We’ve been clashing for months about what to have in our living room. So far, we’ve gone with more of his style. We have a beautiful wagon-shaped coffee table, cow-skin rug and mostly dark colors throughout the house. However, we wanted a decoration for our coffee table and I decided to take a stand on this new piece and we both agreed after I made my case.

What We Decided On

I have recently purchased a beautifully carved Hopi Buffalo Kachina Doll. I wanted to choose something that would reflect the value and beauty of the Native American people and their culture but in a way that complemented the Southwestern style of the furniture already there.

The Buffalo Kachina is a spirit of guidance, health, and protection. The dark features of this doll just went perfectly with the rest of the living room. My husband thought the intricate detail of the buffalo headdress that this kachina doll wears looked amazing next to our rug.

The doll conveys the strength and pride I hold for my household and family. The entire statue was carved from cottonwood root by artist, Keith Torres. I’ve seen a few pieces before and I am not surprised in the least by the attention to detail of this artist.

Anyway, now that I picked something my husband actually likes, he wants me to choose the rest of the pieces for our remaining space.

Where You Can Get Quality Kachinas

One of my favorite places to go for kachina dolls is kachina-dolls.com. They represent some of the best Native American style artists in the country. They also have a wide variety to suit anyone’s style or wallet. I went a bit overboard with this Kachina, even at a discounted price but they have a kachina for anyone’s price range as well.

A New Guardian for My Home

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