The Animas River Spill

Animas-River-split-screenMaybe you’ve seen this on the news recently but over the week a mine near a major river in Colorado was being treated for contaminants but a spill released the mine’s contaminated water into the Animas River. This spill has been gaining ground and contaminating all the water around the area, making it unusable. Most people don’t know this but a large group of Native Americans live in the area and rely on that water for most of their cooking and bathing.

What’s Being Done to Help

I’ve been looking around online to see what kind of relief the Native American community in Colorado is receiving and I am shocked to see how little support there is. The EPA has been taking measure to try and clean up their mess but the Native American community has been devastated and they can’t just sit and wait for relief.

I recently read this article from one of my favorite jewelry stores. Small businesses like this are taking a stand and reaching out for help because they are involved in the Native American community and support their artists.

While their community is waiting for relief, they need a way to keep their internal economy going and the best way for people to help is by donating directly or buying from Native American artists in the area.

Unfortunately, there is no large-scale fundraiser that people can donate to. I actually had to do a lot of digging and research to find ways to help. I think the best thing people can do is donate water and money to support the Native American economy in areas near the spill.

I think it’s important that we come together as a community to help people in need, regardless of where you live or what you have a vested interest in.

I think by now the people that look to my blog for jewelry tips and suggestions on Native American and Southwestern jewelry know that I love Native culture. I want to see it preserved but more than that I want to help people that are suffering and in need of relief.

For more information about the spill and ways you can help, read this article written by

The Animas River Spill

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