Obama’s New Native American Proclamation

Obama’s New Native American Proclamation

This is a great day in history! President Obama has recently made a proclamation that beginning November 2015, November will be National Native American Heritage Month. As a way to commemorate the impact and contributions the Native American culture has had on our society, November will forever honor this fact as we move forward as a country. I usually like to talk about Native American, Southwest, and turquoise jewelry on my blog but I think it’s also important to recognize the culture and people that bring us these amazing styles and impact our culture on a daily basis.

Native American Heritage Month

In his proclamation President Obama wrote,

“This month, we recognize the contributions made by Native Americans since long before our founding, and we resolve to continue the work of strengthening government-to-government ties with tribal nations and expanding possibility for all.”

I think his words perfectly sum up the respect and adoration we owe to Native American heritage. Not only for their beautiful artwork but also for the countless contributions they’ve made in helping our society grow into what it is today.

I think it’s about time we pay homage to such a proud and creative culture. Everything from teaching early settlers the cultivation of certain food and medicine to helping the U.S. government encode messages during the Second World War. All these things have shaped who we are as a nation.

How I Celebrated Native American Heritage Month

I should mention that I did get caught up in all the excitement so I decided to buy a new Native American silver ring from a great artist. I have been wanting a new ring for quite some time and decided to go with a beautiful Southwest Silver Turquoise ring. It has a large oval-shaped piece of turquoise set in the center of a sterling silver ring. The overlay of the silver is just gorgeous.

I think surrounding yourself in art and culture is a great way to celebrate such a historical day for our nation. You can check out rings from other artists here as well.

Obama’s New Native American Proclamation

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