Native American Turquoise Jewelry


Native Americans are known for creativity and craftsmanship, but long ago they didn’t use tools or metals of any kind while making Native American Turquoise Jewelry. While creating a new piece of Native American Turquoise Jewelry, the craftsman shaped turquoise using sandstone, buckskin leather, sand, and clay.

Many Native American symbols and designs were included in the Native American Turquoise Jewelry making process, and quickly became highly sought after by visitors from all over the world. In fact, many collectors worldwide consider Native American Turquoise Jewelry to be among their favorite, sometimes even preferred over more expensive gemstones such as diamonds and rubies. It is a softer stone than others, however, and is more prone to scratches compared to other stones; therefore, it requires a little extra care to maintain the stone’s integrity, luster, and finish.

History of Native American Turquoise Jewelry

Native American Turquoise Jewelry making began in North America roughly around 200 B.C. in the form of ornamental beads. Around the turn of the century, many tribes continued to commonly use turquoise for ceremonial and medicinal purposes, but when the Grand Canyon National Park opened to the public the demand for Native American Turquoise Jewelry dramatically increased.

Early settlers moving westward found the extraordinary jewelry to be beautiful, elegant and complimentary to women’s fashion at the time. Turquoise has been mined for centuries and one of the oldest known mines in North America, the Cerillos, is located in New Mexico near Santa Fe.

Current Popularity of Native American Turquoise Jewelry

Native American Turquoise Jewelry’s popularity continues to flourish even in today’s modern culture, especially in the Southwestern part of the United States. Native American Turquoise Jewelry adds a certain style and flair to any outfit accessorized with today’s popular trends and fashions just as it did many years ago for primitive, nomadic Native American people.

Today, there is a high demand for authentic Native American Turquoise Jewelry and the exceptional variety available for purchase is staggering.

Uses for Native American Turquoise Jewelry

Most Native American tribes consider turquoise to be sacred and cherish the beautiful blue gemstone. Native American Turquoise Jewelry may represent a status symbol of wealth within the tribal community, but many others wear Native American Turquoise Jewelry to enhance their appearance or to display authentic and original pieces of artwork hand-crafted by some of the world’s most talented Native American artists.

Native American Turquoise Jewelry is mainly collected and worn as a form of self-expression, but some believe turquoise holds the powers of healing, strength, and good fortune for the person wearing it.

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