How to Clean Turquoise


How to Clean TurquoiseOne of the most important things about owning jewelry is that you take care of it properly. Many people have been asking me how they should go about cleaning turquoise jewelry. Can they trust the first item that comes up on a Google search? I’ve found that there are a few ways to go about it, but my favorite method involves some simple household solutions. I highly recommend going out and buying products that were specifically made to clean turquoise, but I have provided a few tips that you can use below for cleaning how to clean turquoise jewelry with simple items around the house.

How to Clean Turquoise: Steps

    • Toothbrush Start by taking a simple and soft-bristled toothbrush. The important part here is that you get a toothbrush that is soft. There are a lot of brushes on the market for cleaning sensitive gums and teeth, I recommend that you buy one of those. You will then dampen the brush with warm water.
    • Soft Brushstrokes Like Bob Ross was fond of saying, just two hairs and some air. Take your brush and just lightly brush the surface of the turquoise stone. Make sure the brush isn’t soaking wet either. Remember that turquoise is a porous stone and it will absorb water.
    • Drying Take a dry washcloth and make sure that you rub down every inch of your turquoise stone and whatever metal that the piece is set into. The worst thing would be to leave the stones and metal wet, that would leave your jewelry to dull.
    • Air Drying To really make sure that your jewelry is dry, it’s a good idea to leave the piece out to air dry in addition to drying it off with a towel.
    • Polishing This is where the magic truly sets in. Take the time to buy a simple polishing cloth for your jewelry. This will help bring back the shine and luster of your piece to make it look brand new again.

Again, you can also check out various jewelry polishes. I’m personally weary of some of the harsher effects of the chemicals on such a delicate stone. I prefer the above method for all my turquoise, but it’s mostly about preference. If you do go with a chemical cleaner, just make sure that it says it’s for turquoise.

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