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Turquoise: the Natural Jewelry Design

The New Year seems to be embracing the natural design look. Every piece of high-end fashion I come across has a touch of the wild. Everything from earthy tones in clothing to intricate leather and silverwork designed to look like a leaf or interwoven pattern seems to be springing forth this year. This style takes […]

Gathering of Nations Powwow Part II

After getting to experience the amazing Gathering of Nations festival last year, I decided to go again for the 2016 festival as well. If you didn’t get a chance to read my last article on the matter, The Gathering of Nations is the largest Native American Powwow in the United States and features hundreds of […]

Hillary Clinton Gains Support from the Native American Community

Sometimes I like to take a break from talking about Southwest and Turquoise jewelry to reflect on current events in the Native American community. Over the week of March 22, Hillary Clinton received some pretty high honors from the Puyallup Tribe in Washington. All across the state, leaders of the tribe met at Chief Leschi […]

Turquoise Jewelry: The Trend for 2016

For a while now, I have been promoting turquoise jewelry on my blog because it’s both a classic style and commonly associated with Native American artisans. I think turquoise has a natural beauty and presence to it that goes beyond the glossy sheen or brilliance of the stone. To me, turquoise is almost spiritual and […]

Jewelry You Must Wear for the Holiday Season

Winter is here again. The snow is hitting the ground and people are starting to decorate the tree, well maybe not in Arizona but you get the point. There is one thing comes to mind when thinking about the holidays, jewelry. Think about it. This is the time you do the most traveling and see […]

Supporting a Good cause for the Holidays

Supporting artists by purchasing Native American jewelry is usually my go-to method of showing my appreciation for Native culture. Coming up on the holiday season, I thought it would be a good idea to show some of the giving spirit this year. I wanted to donate to a good cause and while I was researching […]

Obama’s New Native American Proclamation

This is a great day in history! President Obama has recently made a proclamation that beginning November 2015, November will be National Native American Heritage Month. As a way to commemorate the impact and contributions the Native American culture has had on our society, November will forever honor this fact as we move forward as […]

Blessing of the Buffalo Event

While I was on vacation, visiting my sister in Georgetown, she told me about this festival hosted by a local farmer. The owner’s name is Greg Vital and he hosts this event every year to celebrate the Thanksgiving season and honor his Native American heritage. He displays his small herd of buffalo to the general […]

How to Shop for Quality Southwest Jewelry

If you live in the Southwest region of the country or you’re simply inspired by its natural presence and strong beauty then you might be looking to buy some Southwest jewelry to enhance your wardrobe. I consider myself a bit of an expert on the subject because I’ve been collecting Southwest jewelry for years now. […]

What is Southwest Jewelry

I’ve seen the term Southwest Jewelry get thrown around online a lot and used interchangeably with Native American Jewelry. This can be kind of confusing for people looking to buy Southwest jewelry or maintain your home with Southwestern décor. I have come to understand that that the term actually covers everything cultivated from the Southwest […]

What I Experienced at the Gathering of Nations Festival

I recently had the honor of attending the Gathering of Nations festival. To those of you that aren’t familiar with the event, it’s a giant 3 day Powwow that celebrates Native American culture in Albuquerque. This event has been held for the past 32 years and continues to grow in numbers each year. I’d been […]

Top 3 Most Unique Types of Turquoise

I have been getting a few different questions from my readers about certain types of turquoise that don’t fall under the “traditional” category for the stone. These stones are very beautiful but people continue to wonder if they are “real” turquoise. Below I’m going to list the 3 most unique types of turquoise and explain […]

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